NISM-Series-V-A: Mutual Fund Distributors Certification Exam Preparation Guide with 2500+ Question Bank 2024

 NISM-Series-V-A: Mutual Fund Distributors Certification Exam Preparation Guide with 2500+ Question Bank 2024 Mastering the NISM Exams with Practice Test & Mock Test

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NISM Mutual Fund Distributors Exam Preparation Book
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This NISM-Series-V-A: Mutual Fund Distributors Certification Exam Preparation Guide endeavours to establish a comprehensive test of learner’s knowledge for individuals engaged in the sale and distribution of mutual funds and aspiring to appear in NISM Series VA MFD Exam. This encompasses a diverse audience, including individual mutual fund distributors, employees of organizations actively involved in mutual fund sales and distribution, and personnel within asset management companies, particularly those specializing in mutual fund sales and distribution. 

Within the pages of this book, readers will find comprehensive 2500+ question bank, as

Chapter Wise Practice Test (1200+ Questions)

Mock Test (Test Objective wise) 12 Mock Test (1200+ Questions 100 Each)

Evaluation Questions (100 Questions)

Additional Questions on AMFI & SEBI Code of Conduct 

This publication, dated January 2024, represents the concepts covered under the NISM workbook Aug 2023 edition available on NISM website. 

Various Types of Tests in this book: 

Evaluation Questions: This section for you to evaluate content in this book prior to purchasing the book. This will enable you to understand the quality of questions we incorporated into this book. 

Chapter Wise Practice Test: Specially designed chapter wise test along with hints for learners. This test will help in Confidence Building & Familiarization of each concepts chapter wise. 

Mock Tests: To help individuals gauge their current level of knowledge and further enhancement of confidence for real NISM exam. Mock Tests in this book are specially designed Learning Outcome wise & Test Objective wise as outlined by NISM for each chapter.  

This NISM Exam Preparation Guide, extensively covers each Learning Outcome, Test Objectives for each of the topics such as: 

1. The landscape of investments

2. The concept and role of mutual funds

3. The legal structure of mutual funds in India

4. Legal and regulatory frameworks

5. Scheme-related information

6. Fund distribution and channel management practices

7. Net Asset Value, Total Expense Ratio, and unit pricing

8. Taxation

9. Investor services

10. Risk, return, and fund performance

11. Mutual fund scheme performance

12. Mutual fund scheme selection

Special Coverage on AMFI/SEBI Code of Conduct 

This book aims to equip readers with a comprehensive understanding of mutual funds and the relevant expertise needed for success in NISM Series VA Mutual FundDistributor Exam. 

NOTE: To make the book affordable for my learners, kept the font size small to avoid high printing cost. 

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