UGC NET Mass Communication and Journalism Model Practice Tests (2000+ Practice Questions) Subject Wise Model Practice Tests Series

 UGC NET Mass Communication and Journalism Model Practice Tests (2000+ Practice Questions)

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UGC NET Mass Communication and Journalism Subject Wise Model Practice Tests Series- 01 (2000+ Practice Questions)

Table of Content:

1.Research Methods & Process

2.Communication Theories & Models

3.Broadcasting Journalism

4.TV/Video/Radio Production

5.Media Laws & Ethics

6.Print Media (An Indian Perspectives)

7.Advertising & Public Relations

8.Random Mix Test Series 500 Questions

How to Prepare for your Exam

Step 1: Go through the prescribed books

Step 2: Practice this test series 01

Step 3: Practice Last 5 Years of Exam Papers, Review difficulties area

Step 4: Practice the Exam Specific Mock Test Series 02 (Which will be released few days before the specific exam including Media Current Affairs)

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This workbook has been published with all reasonable efforts taken to make the material error-free. No part of this book shall be used, reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission from the author, except in the case of brief quotation in critical articles and reviews. Series 01 consists of 2000+ practice questions


Series 01: Is developed focusing on subject wise test series consisting of 2000+ practice questions along with a random test series of 500 questions. This series prepared the student to have basic & fundamental understanding on different subject area before attempting the series 02 which will be released soon as Mock Test Model including Media Current Affairs

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