Module Name: Navigating the Human Side of Financial Markets in India (Behavioral finance- Emotional Economics & Mindfulness Investing)

Target Audience: High-End Relationship Managers / Private RMs

Delivery Mode: ILT    Duration:  1 Day or 3 Days  (2 Specialized Program Available)

Key Feature: 

Interactive Examples: 

  • Each topic will be facilitated with real-life examples to demonstrate the practical implications of behavioural biases

Activities and Games: 

  • 70% of the session driven by Activities & Games
  • Engaging activities and games will be incorporated to allow participants to experience and understand behavioural biases in a simulated environment.
  • Each concept to be facilitate through an activity or game, which will help learns to Understand, Practice and Demonstrate

Case Studies:

  • Relevant case studies will be presented for group discussions, encouraging participants to analyze and apply concepts to real-world scenarios.

Practical Application:

  • Participants will be guided in applying the concepts learned to their specific roles as relationship managers.

Peer Discussions:

  • Establishing the classroom as platform for participants to engage in peer discussions and share experiences related to recognizing and mitigating behavioural biases

Tools & Planners:

  • Each learners will be receiving multiple tools and planners to use in their day to day customer engagement role 

Module Overview: In the dynamic landscape of financial advisory, the impact of behavioural biases on decision-making is undeniable. This training module “behavioural Finance” outlines a comprehensive training module designed for relationship managers working n any Indian Banks, focusing on four key learning outcomes summarized as Understanding and Mitigating Behavioural Biases in Financial Advisory. The training aims to equip participants with the skills to recognize, understand, leverage, and mitigate behavioural biases in financial advisory practices.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Participants will develop the ability to identify common behavioural biases that may influence investment decisions and financial advisory.
  • Participants will gain insights into how behavioural biases are commonly integrated into day-to-day behaviours, impacting financial decisions.
  • Participants will learn how to consciously leverage their understanding of behavioural biases to enhance the effectiveness of financial advisory to customers.
  • Participants will develop practical strategies to mitigate the impact of behavioural biases, ensuring more objective and rational financial decision-making.

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Module Name: The Wealth Doctor- Personal Financial Statement Analysis

Target Audience: High-End Relationship Managers / Private RMs

Delivery Mode: ILT  Duration: 8 hours

Key Feature: Large part of this module is hands-on and RMs need to bring laptops to class. Multiple customer personas will be presented to RMs to learn and practice each component and demonstrate back. 

Module Overview: The "Personal Financial Statement Analysis" training module emerges as a crucial resource for Relationship Managers (RMs) in any Indian Bank. The 8-hour ILT program is designed to equip RMs with the skills needed to decode and analyse various personal financial statements, offering profound insights into a client's financial universe. Through a meticulous blend of theoretical understanding and practical exercises, RMs will gain proficiency in constructing financial statements, assessing financial health, and leveraging key ratios to make informed recommendations. The module further encapsulates a transformative training module aimed at elevating the analytical prowess of Relationship Managers in the realm of personal financial advisory. By delving into the nuances of reading diverse financial statements, from bank statements to investment portfolios, the program ensures that RMs gain a comprehensive understanding of their clients' financial landscapes. The hands-on nature of the training, coupled with the creation of detailed customer personas, empowers RMs to not only construct financial statements but also calculate, analyse, and recommend strategies based on key financial health metrics. In a rapidly evolving banking landscape, this training positions Relationship Managers to provide nuanced and tailored financial advice, fostering stronger client relationships and enhancing their overall effectiveness in wealth management. The training's immersive approach ensures that RMs are not only adept at interpreting financial data but can also translate these insights into actionable strategies for their clients.

Empower your relationship managers with the knowledge and skills to navigate personal financial statements effectively. In this comprehensive program, we delve into the intricacies of personal financial statement analysis, equipping your team with the expertise to assess clients' financial health and make informed recommendations.

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